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About Us

Our organization is looking for projects dealing in both new commercial construction and updating existing lighting systems with replacement LED or retrofit kit LED solutions. We serve both private and public national, international, state and local entities.

AdditionaL Information

Bright Regards LLC specializes in commercial LED, induction and solar lighting solutions. We provide lighting solutions for new construction and replace outdated metal halide, mercury vapor, fluorescent and high pressure sodium lighting with energy efficient, long lasting LED high bays, street lights, area lighting, and interior office lighting.

We can assist with recommendations based on foot candle requirements using photometric studies as necessary and ROIs if desired. We provide options like photocells, step down dimming and motion sensors that can further tailor lighting solutions to the customer’s specific needs.

We provide our clients with only the highest quality products with a proven industry track record. This is bolstered with professional, personal customer service and expert industry knowledge. LED lighting uses 50-75% less energy and is generally rated to last 100,000 hours—which translates into over 11 years of continuous 24/7 use! Most projects pay for themselves in less than 3 years. Our products make sense from a cost standpoint for our customers and benefit the environment as well.